What we do

Currently we are serving children at all the elementary schools in Union County.

Through donations of food and money from the community, volunteers use this to prepare food packs of nutritious, child friendly food in non-descript bags that are delivered to each school involved. Personnel at each school discreetly distribute the bags to the identified children, those determined to be the most in need by the school staff, before the weekend or holiday vacation. The names of the children are held confidential. Friday Backpack members do not have that information.

We give presentations to civic groups, churches and businesses to inform the community of this program. With their permission, Friday Backpack bins are left at different locations in town. Along with the baskets are copies of the lists of food we use, following USDA recommendations; child- friendly, single-serving, shelf stable, easily opened and prepared food donations. There is also an address for those who choose to send a monetary donation, all of which goes directly for purchasing food. There are no administrative costs.

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