Summerville girl donates her egg-selling money to Friday Backpack Program


While most people think of delicious omelets and scrambled dishes when thinking of eggs, one student in particular thought of those in hunger.

Maddy Lease, 14, of Summerville, sells eggs from her family’s chicken coop and donates the money to the Friday Backpack Program, an organization that helps feed low-income families and their children.

“We sell eggs to regular customers, and I asked my mom if I could bring the excess eggs to sell at our church’s bazaar,” said Maddy. Maddy’s eggs sold quickly, and so she continued, deciding to use the money for good by buying food and donating it to the Friday Backpack Program.

Through the program, children from low-income families receive a sack of food to take home in their backpack each Friday. All the food is child-friendly, non-perishable and vitamin-fortified.

“Each child gets a lot,” said Carlene Crampton, advisory board president for the Friday Backpack Program in La Grande. “We pack up five and a half to six pounds of food per backpack — it has vegetables, tuna, fruit cups, apple sauce … just good food.”

“My grandma started a program like this in the Portland area, and I thought it was a really cool idea,” said Maddy.

The La Grande program started last year serving only 10 children and their families. By the end of the year, their number reached 100. This year they are kicking off with 120 students.

To make this program work, the program relies on cash donations, donated food, drop sites and people like Maddy to help.

Maddy has raised more than $140 so far.

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