How it works

FBP members inform each school how many children we will be able to serve. The staff at the school determines which children are the most chronically hungry, already eligible and receiving free/reduced breakfast and lunch.

Permission letters provided by the Friday Backpack Program are sent home by school personnel.

Every Tuesday volunteers collect the food from the various donation sites and take it to our storage rooms for inventory and shelving. At this point, looking over what food is available, we make a “menu” of what will be included in the week’s supplemental food pack. Designated shoppers purchase what we are short of with the use of donated funds. A sample bag is made and weighed to insure it falls within the weight considered acceptable for children to carry.

Each week volunteers meet at the storage site to assemble the food packs in doubled plastic bags that are double tied.

The bags are loaded into the vehicles of the volunteers who will be delivering to each school.

Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, at an agreed upon time, a volunteer delivers the food packs to the school. The role of Friday Backpack Program volunteers ends at this stage.

At some point during the day school personnel get the food packs into the backpacks of the identified children in the most inconspicuous manner.

This is truly a collaborative effort with a partnership between the Friday Backpack Program, participating schools, and the generosity of this community who share our vision of eliminating hunger among our children

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